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Debbie and Mark Grillo are a husband and wife team that has invested their time, energy and money into helping their clients look and feel better about themselves.  As a great team now working together on a daily basis, they are passionate and dedicated to making their clients as comfortable as they can be throughout their treatments and routinely go above and beyond their clients’ expectations. They sincerely appreciate the wonderful comments they receive from clients about their results and the caring and compassionate treatment they deliver.

Whatever your laser or aesthetic needs might be – you can count on Laser Remedy Skin Solutions to deliver the professional treatment and results you deserve. We offer laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser vein removal, laser sun spot removal, laser facial rejuvenation, PRP for hair growth and anti-aging and full medical aesthetics care including injectables – all services that can help you look your very best.

Debbie and Mark have completed exhaustive laser training on the use of lasers for medical aesthetics. They have invested in the very best laser equipment for the greatest benefit of their clients. Mark has a 35 year background in the medical field with lasers in surgery. Debbie Grillo has spent years removing tattoos, veins and facial rejuvenation. They are both certified laser technicians and members of the National Laser Institute of America. They retain Dr. Aubrey Copeland,  M.D. as their medical director. 

Debbiegrasp pic and Mark care about their community.  They work with GRASP, a gang rescue and support program of Denver, removing tattoos to make our city a better and safer place to live. Check out a video featuring Debbie and Mark Grillo and their work with GRASP. 

We invite you to experience the very best in laser technology in Denver. For a free – no-obligation consultation please call Laser Remedy Skin Solutions today.

Dr. Aubrey Copeland Medical Director

Dr. Aubrey Copeland
Medical Director



Alexa is the marketing and front desk manager at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions.  She has many years of experience with social media. AlexaAlexa has years experience working for and promoting Total Orthodontists Denver and has worked as marketing specialist for a division of Coca-Cola.

Hope received her esthetics degree from the highly ranked College of International Esthetics in Colorado. She is a strong advocate for skin care using a holistic approach. She specializes in Microneedle therapy with PRP for hair growth, acne, scar therapy, and anti-aging. Prior to being a medical esthetician she has over 20 years experience in the medical field as an EMT and phlebotomist.  Her interests focus on teen and adult acne, anti aging treatments, hair growth and education of dietary effects on the skin. In addition, she is a Colorado native and is well versed in the challenges the our climate can have on the skin.

After having a few sessions here I am pleased to say that I was still very happy with the results. My tattoo was noticeably much lighter after each appointment. Unfortunately I moved out of state so can no longer come here but due to not being satisfied at a local business I will wait until I visit Denver to continue treatment here.
Amazing experience!!! Mark and Debbie made me feel totally confident and relaxed about the treatment and the removal process!!!!
Thank you Tattoo Undo!  The service, price and results are fantastic!  The Picosure machine is amazing and the Grillos were kind and made me feel at ease. I will definitely recommend their services to everyone I know who is ready to get rid of their ink.
I’ve tried a couple of tattoo removal shops and have left feeling so unsure and ripped off. This husband wife team are amazing, caring, thorough and informative. Best of all very reasonable pricing. They do have picosure machine. Pain is different, still there, but much better than the old machines. I’m working on a fairly large piece with black and red for about a year and its about half gone. My other piece with colors and much smaller has completely disappeared. This is the place! Give them a try, you can’t go wrong.


Monique is a professionally trained medical aesthetician and certified laser specialist now working at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions.   She received her training from Antoine Du Chez Academy in 2002.  Monique has spent years performing aesthetics at upscale hotels and wants to merge luxurious with medical results.  Monique can perform a variety of procedures and informs clients with an individual skin care analysis. Monique has the experience, knowledge and ability in skin care to provide our clients with fabulous results.   

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