What is the PicoSure Laser?

The PicoSure Laser is your best choice when it comes to tattoo removal and skin discoloration treatment. It’s also effective at treating sun spots, wrinkles, melasma and acne while aiding in skin revitalization.

How Does it work?

The PicoSure laser utilizes short-pulse technology that flashes in the trillionths of seconds. Because the energy is dispersed so rapidly, the tiny particles responsible for discoloration shatter without burning the surrounding tissue. The lasers flash quickly while generating the minimum amount of heat needed for skin revitalization or tattoo removal which results in less damage in fewer treatments.

Our bodies have a natural healing process that the PicoSure laser leverages with each treatment using gentle pressure waves. These gentle pressure waves activate cell signaling in your body for a much faster recovery time.

Is PicoSure Safe?

Scarring is especially rare when using the PicoSure laser. Because it doesn’t use heat as its primary means of treatment there is less damage to the surrounding skin. While scarring is rare, results can vary depending on the area or issues being treated.

Tattoo removal, for example, requires more energy and can potentially result in the lightening of the treated area. This lightening is often times temporary and returns to normal once the healing process is complete.

Does PicoSure Hurt?

With any laser removal technology, there is some level of discomfort involved. The feeling that is most often described is that of a rubber band snapping on your skin. That being said, clients often times report the pain to be minimal and mostly bearable. We offer numbing cream and use a chiller while we are treating you to help reduce pain.

How many treatments do I need?

The amount of treatments is entirely dependent on how you respond to the PicoSure laser. Most commonly, 4-10 treatments are needed for complete results. It can be more, or less, depending what you’re being treated for. You can also elect to schedule out multiple treatments months in advance for ongoing maintenance of wrinkles or other skin discoloration issues.

How do I prepare for the treatment?

When scheduling treatments, it’s important to avoid direct sunlight or excessive tanning. The sun can decrease the effectiveness during treatment while increasing complications post treatment. The areas being treated should also be cleaned and shaven in advance of your appointment. Also avoid the use of any creams, oils or makeup that could block the effectiveness of the laser.

How long does each treatment take?

Each session takes just 15 minutes or less, but can be longer depending on what needs to be treated.

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