Laser Hair Removal

The Lightsheer is more than 75% faster than the average hair reduction laser, the treatment speed and efficacy are unparalleled and most importantly the patient comfort is outstanding.

Faster Treatment

High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™) reduces treatment time by more than 75%. Using the 22x35mm spot size, large areas as the back and legs can be treated in less than 10 minutes. THE HIT ™ eliminates the lengthy preparation time need for cooling or anesthetics.

Ultimate Patient Comfort

High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT™) uses a unique vacuum mechanism that activates the skin’s tactile and pressure receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain. ChillTip™ Technology improves patient comfort by cooling the skin prior to treatment and continuously cooling it throughout the treatment.

Clinically Validated Efficacy

Numerous clinical studies and peer review articles have validated the safety and efficacy of the technologies powering the LightSheer DESIRE. Thousands of satisfied customers have been and are still benefiting from the gold standard performance and patient satisfaction.

The Desire is a huge leap forward for laser hair removal. Not only is it five times faster but the comfort level is significantly better. Not a single patient has complained of pain or discomfort with this laser. The results have been excellent on all skin types and many patients who were reluctant to treat large areas, such as the legs, chest, and back, have gone ahead with this laser mainly because it is so tolerable and fast. Like other lasers, however, it does not work on blonde, gray or white hair.

We’ve tried many lasers in our practice and only purchase those with our client’s optimal results in mind. Our clients may have experienced painful hair removal elsewhere and are they say how painless our laser is!  The new Desire sets the bar even higher and our clients are thanking us for getting it.

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