Vein Treatment

Nearly half of all women and men suffer from some type of vein problem in the United States. Even though it is considered a cosmetic imperfection, many people suffer from serious side effects that spider veins can cause. Laser Remedy Skin Solutions has multiple answers to solve your vascular problems.

At Laser Remedy, we use The award-winning excel V™ laser, known for its state-of-the-art technology that enables the laser beam to penetrate deep beneath the skin without sacrificing patient safety and comfort. The heat energy from the laser beam causes the blood in the spider vein to clot. Once the blood flow is stopped the vein closes and begins to shrink. Blood flow is redirected to healthy veins. Over the next few weeks, the spider veins disappears as it is safely absorbed by the body. This laser can treat anything from superficial, deep vascular conditions to rosacea and poikiloderma (red neck).

Patients usually do not have to miss any work after laser vein treatment. The post procedure treatment may include applying Arnica gel, wearing sunscreen, avoiding blood thinners, hot tubs and vigorous exercise for several days (pressure hosiery is optional). Side effects such as redness, swelling or minor bruising can occur but generally disappear within a few weeks.

After your treatment, the appearance of existing veins will be diminished or completely eliminated.  However, the development of new views cannot be prevented.  If your body has an underlying vascular problem, you may need to talk to your physician for additional information.

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