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I had been to other vein centers for both sclerotherapy and laser vein treatments and I still had my spider veins. After two treatments at Laser Remedy Skin Solutions they were gone. I couldn’t be happier about how my legs look now!
Going to tennis was embarrassing with all of those ugly spider veins all over my legs. I went to Laser Remedy and they were gone “POOF” like that. It was so easy and fast.
I had a big brown spot on my right cheek, I turned away for photos, and after two treatments at Laser Remedy it disappeared. I really wish I did this years ago!
At Laser Remedy I felt comfortable and informed. My dermatologist said she could do nothing about the age spots and small red veins on my face, it was cosmetic. So glad I found these guys, I look and feel so much better. And most of all I don’t have to wear so much cover up!
I am in my mid fifties and having loved the outdoors and beach all my life, my face was full of brown spots. I’ve tried creams and IPL but it seemed they always reappeared. Luckily I found Laser Remedy and I am completely dumfounded that the Yag laser shattered these spots permanently. I am now more careful with sunscreen and hats. So impressed!
I had two children before, work in retail and with those pregnancies and time on my feet came some ugly leg vein problems. The laser was a lot LESS expensive and way easier than injections. Also, I didn’t need to wear those uncomfortable compression hose. I had exemplary results and much improved results after just two visits.
I went to Laser Remedy for help with my broken capillaries on my face. After seeing how well and easy it was to get rid of the ones on my face, I asked them about one larger one on my leg. Before I knew it, this vein immediately looked lighter. I had a few days of redness and now it’s gone. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of veins.
I found Laser Remedy Skin Solutions in Denver from a referral of a friend. I read their reviews and decided to give them a try. After trying Sclerotherapy in the past (10x) with no results I was frustrated. I did some laser research and wanted to try the Cutera Excel V laser, as it is the Best most advanced laser for vascular issues. I have been more pleased with the appearance of my legs so far and expect this will continue as this is a process that takes some time. Debbie explained the procedure ahead of time so I knew what to expect. The staff there was genuinely concerned about how I was doing after the laser treatment. I look forward to wearing shorts again!
I love this place. I have been to 7 different last tattoo removal studios and Tattoo Undo and Veins too is by far the best! Sadly, I have become a friend customer of tattoo removal but would never have had the quick results had it not been for Tattoo Undo! Debbie is amazing & she knows her stuff! They are very professional, kind and reasonably priced. You will not be disappointed! They go above and beyond for their clients. I support small local businesses and this one tops the cake!
Very clean and professional service. I wish I would have come here first rather than the other place. I knew what to expect since I’ve had two sessions someplace else but they were still very kind and informative on after care instructions. I can’t specify anything about the quality of the procedure as I only had it done a couple hours ago but I will update my review after a week. Also price was very reasonable which is a huge plus if you’re going to need multiple sessions because the cost can really add up. This place was actually priced a bit lower than the previous business I went to but so far I like their service much much more.
Had my consultation and first treatment today! My tattoo is about 4×4 and color, blue and yellow (black outline). Debbie at Tattoo Undo completely answered all my questions, and explained why their laser works best for my needs. She is fully certified to take care of my removal, not just learning on the job. They prep the area with numbing cream and cool the skin during treatment so it’s as painless as possible. The actual laser part was under 2 minutes! I am so looking forward to returning in 5 weeks for my second treatment 🙂
This is my 2nd tattoo removal on my index finger.  The procedure is so easy and it takes only a few seconds.  Even though it is a quick procedure, they make you feel as comfortable as possible.  It stings a bit, but it is so quick.  They also apply ice before and after so that it heals fast too!  After 2 sessions, my tattoo has significantly faded.  They also told me that their high end laser can help my spider veins and my son’s horrible acne!  I highly recommend Tattoo Undo!!
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